Roger Vaughan

Review Excerpts

"It's rare that an author has both the sailing knowledge and the literary chops to pull off a compelling modern day novel set around sailing, but Roger Vaughan has the unique background to pull it off.
"Landlubbers will pick up Coming About for a tale of intrigue, but sailors will find a kinship with Vaughan as one of the few writers who can capture the essence of the sea and bring a reader along for a ride almost as good as what they’d find sailing themself."

SAILING Jan/Feb 2022 - Coming About

"Vaughan has caught the exhilaration of ocean sailing. He is there, he sees it happen, he makes us understand the ritual of spending millions and breaking hearts to create a race."

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt (NY Times- The Grand Gesture)

"One of the most fascinating yachting books to appear in recent years .... a top class job of reporting .... it reads like a novel, yet has the advantage of truth ... the dialogue is especially good."

Jack Knights, international yachting writer - The Grand Gesture

"This is perhaps the only true modern classic in yacht racing literature. People will be reading it for years - no other book comes close to the real story behind the America's Cup."

Jess Hammond, Yachting Magazine - The Grand Gesture

"Roger Vaughan, a superb reporter, has gone behind the headlines to discover what motivates this extraordinary character."

Walter Cronkite - Ted Turner, The Man Behind the Mouth

"A remarkable portrait of one of the world's great performing musicians, at once gripping as a suspense novel and moving as a Mahler Symphony. Though himself not a musician, Vaughan has caught the passionate, almost obsessive artistic vision of his subject."

Schuyler Chapin, Dean, School of the Arts, Columbia University­Herbert von Karajan

"[Vaughan's] accounts are vivid, full of technical information and lively sketches of artists .... Vaughan is as good at describing all this brouhaha as he is on Karajan's production methods. When it comes to the product - music - he leaves evaluation to critics and musicians with many, well-chosen quotations. I think they are fairly chosen too."

Gabriele Annan, The New York Review of Books (Herbert von Karajan)

"In the end we are left with a fascinating, distinctly unflattering picture of the subject. ... one can't undervalue the good work Mr. Vaughan has done."

John Rockwell, The New York Times (Herbert von Karajan)

"Vaughan on the 79-foot sloop Kialoa is more the lonely poet entered into an orgasm of adventure .... [his] phosphorescent prose lifts his pages above craftsmanly journalism."

Kirkus Reviews (Fastnet, One Man's Voyage).

"Vaughan is adept at perceiving those details that convey the total picture."

The New York Times (Fastnet, One Man's Voyage)

"Vaughan's profile of [Kialoa owner] Jim Kilroy is as gripping as his chronicle of the terrifying adventure."

People Magazine (Fastnet, One Man's Voyage)

"Vaughan has a way with the language. His work is smooth and readable. Some of his paragraphs on Kialoa's passage through the maelstrom verge on the poetic."

Sailing Magazine

"Vaughan could very well be the best journalist working the yachting scene, primarily because he is both a skilled writer and an intelligent observer,"

Woodenboat Magazine