Roger Vaughan

Roger Vaughan is an internationally published journalist and writer. With 18 books to his credit, and a variety of other work that includes a major film, a play, a musical pageant, and scores of magazine articles, videos, and internet reports, Vaughan’s major interest is writing about individuals who have had a strong influence on our culture.

As youth and education editor at LIFE magazine, Vaughan covered Bob Dylan’s European tour, the Beatles, the Monterrey Pop and Woodstock music festivals, the Haight-Ashbury Summer of Love, Andy Warhol’s Factory, the youth movement, the arrival of LSD, and Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony’s tour of China. Among other notables he has written about are Walter Cronkite, Roy Disney, Rod and Olin Stephens, Malcolm Forbes, Tony Gwynn, HRH Princess Margaret, Ann Sophie Mutter, Lee Marvin, and Mstislav Rostropovich. He was founding editor of TheYACHT magazine.

Vaughan has written two books about the America's Cup, and has contributed to several others. He has written biographies of media magnate Ted Turner (USA), music director Herbert von Karajan (Austria, France), medical researcher Dr. Hillary Koprowski (Poland, USA), educator/philanthropist Harry Anderson (New York, Newport, Jekyll Island), and Victor Kovalenko (Ukraine, Australia), head coach of the Australian Olympic Sailing Team. His biography of Arthur Curtiss James was published March, 2019.

A sailor from childhood, Vaughan's interest in those attracted to the sea came from within. Early musical training primed him for eclectic work in that area. The broad variety of his other work stems from his conviction that every scene, no matter how compelling, or how movingly described, is dormant until populated with strong spirits whose talent and energy bring it to life, and from his further conviction that if it is boring to write, it will be boring to read.

He is a respectable photographer with a good eye.

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