Roger Vaughan

Writer's Consultant

Choptank's Roger Vaughan is taking on a limited number of clients as a writer's consultant. He's been doing this for years with friends, with good results.

If you want to tackle that book about your amazing uncle (or your own life or your family history), get a good start as a young writer, or if you have a job that involves writing and wish to improve your craft, interviewing, or conceptual skills, Vaughan is your guy.

Vaughan began writing when he was eight, and has been at it ever since. That's 50-plus years if you must know. He's written for print, television, done a feature film, written several good scripts and TV pilots that didn't go anywhere, and a play that got produced. Some of the people he has interviewed along the way are: --Walter Cronkite, Ted Turner, Roy Disney, Billy Graham, Lee Marvin, Mstislav Rostropovich, Ted Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, HRH Princess Margaret. For the whole nine yards, go to Vaughan's résumé page.

"I get satisfaction helping people who really want to write," Vaughan says. "I'd like to help them write better; show them how to get organized; help them communicate, tell their story; introduce them to some useful, practical systems; share a few effective tricks with them; improve their confidence; provide ongoing support and encouragement. Writing is a lonely endeavor, making that last bit about support and encouragement very important."

Vaughan can work with you on the conceptual and organizational stages of a project; help you solve problems as the work proceeds; offer suggestions and directions that will help you with those decisions that come at you faster than angry birds.

If it's line editing you need, Vaughan will introduce you to Choptank Word Bank's Kippy Requardt, who he claims is the best editor he's ever had. And he's worked with a few editors.

"Here's what I can't do: find you a job or act as an agent to get you published. But if you become a better writer, you will enhance your capabilities, boost your confidence, and improve your overall chances of landing a job you want."

To explain your situation, drop an email to He'll respond quickly. His first, free telephone consult of 15 minutes is aimed at establishing communication. If the two of you click, then you can get started.

References provided upon request.